Community-Owner Share


Community-Owner Share

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In our fifth year of operations, the Our Harvest staff and board have decided to become a multi-stakeholder cooperative -- a cooperative that extends beyond just our workers to include members of our community, as well.

Why do we want to become a multi-stakeholder co-op?

Creating access to healthy local food that honors land and labor requires community support. Since the beginning, we have relied on the community in big ways through individuals co-signing loans, purchasing produce, investing in the co-op, and volunteering. As we celebrate 5 years, Our Harvest wants to formalize our partnership and honor the importance of the community by becoming a multi-stakeholder co-op and extending ownership in Our Harvest to community members as well as workers. Some perks to Our Harvest include new forms of investment and greater community ownership/participation in the co-op that will strengthen Our Harvest into the future. We need one another to build a fair and just food system.

What are the benefits of becoming a community owner?

Purchasing a share of Our Harvest Cooperative is an investment in your community -- it's an investment in quality food, a healthier environment, and a vibrant local economy. Your purchase of an ownership share goes to support a business that restores land, creates family-sustaining jobs, and increases access to healthy, local food for all Greater Cincinnatians.

Additionally, community owners will:

1. Be a part of a community effort to increase access to healthy food in Greater Cincinnati!

2. Have access to selective discounts.*

2. Vote for or run for designated community seats on Our Harvest's Board of Directors.

3. Participate in annual meetings where the general direction of Our Harvest is set.

4. Receive patronage refunds in profitable years.

*The first discount is available now! New community owners can use the coupon code addonpromo to get $5 off a new, recurring Add-On subscription of their choosing.


Community-Owner Shares are a one-time purchase. Each share costs $100 (plus an additional $3.50 to cover processing fees for those who pay online). Individuals may purchase one share per person