The Weekly Harvest Box program is a convenient way to bring fresh, local food to your worksite. Support employee health and wellness by having fruits, vegetables, and other local products delivered to your office each week.


By providing convenient, affordable access to fresh fruits and vegetables, farm-to-work programs, like Our Harvest's Weekly Harvest Box program, help employees maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent chronic disease.


Small: $12/week (4 items)
Medium: $20/week (8 items)*
Large: $28/week (12 items)*

* Mediums and Larges will not be available from December through May.
Please note: We are currently unable to accept American Express.

More Perks with Our Harvest

  • Our user-friendly website allows staff to make changes to their orders and put their boxes on hold when they go out of town!
  • Weekly local product add-ons like eggs, jam, and cheese to tailor boxes to each person's liking
  • Weekly payment options are available
  • No commitment is required
  • Weekly e-newsletter with farm updates, box contents, and recipes + extra recipe support via our Veggie Guide

Weekly Harvest Box Add-ons

We also offer other locally made food products, ranging from eggs to honey and beef to cheese. Click here to learn more about Weekly Harvest Box add-ons.


Bringing the Weekly Harvest Box program to your office is easy! Simply fill out the form below to get the process started.

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