STAY TUNED! GRASSFED BEEF WILL BE AVAILABLE IN LATE SUMMER/EARLY FALL. Email us at if you would like to be notified when our next round of grassfed beef is available.


We have a special opportunity for our customers to purchase local, grassfed beef in bulk from Our Harvest. This beef was raised on pasture at Our Harvest's Bahr Farm, located in Cincinnati's College Hill neighborhood.

Buying bulk will save you money, especially if your family likes steaks and roasts as well as ground beef. Purchasing in bulk also helps Our Harvest continue to provide family-sustaining jobs. Bulk buyers can order a quarter, half, or whole beef. Don't want to go it alone? Groups can go in together to order in bulk.

See below for more details!

This beef was raised on pasture at Our Harvest's Bahr Farm in Cincinnati, OH. It is antibiotic and hormone free.

$3.95/lb, based on the hanging weight of the animal. Hanging weight refers to the weight of the beef as it hangs in the butcher's cooler, once the head, hide, feet, organs, and blood are removed. This is not the same as the weight of the final, finished cuts you will take home (the finished cuts will typically be ~55-60% of the hanging weight).

PLEASE NOTE: The information below is approximate and based on past experience. Weights and prices can vary greatly based on the size of the steer. This information is just meant as an approximate guide to let you know what to expect. Final weights and price will be determined after animals are processed.

Steer can range greatly in size, but ours typically range anywhere from 550-900 lbs in hanging weight (average ~700 lbs).

Again, the finished cuts or "yield" will typically be 55-60% of the hanging weight.

So for an animal with a hanging weight of 700 lbs, this means:

  • Quarter beef: ~175 lbs hanging weight -> ~96.25 lbs take home
  • Half beef: ~350 lbs hanging weight -> ~192.5 lbs take home
  • Whole beef: ~700 lbs hanging weight -> ~385 lbs take home

In terms of an approximate total price, that would mean:

  • Quarter beef: $691.25
  • Half beef: $1,382.50
  • Whole beef: $2,765

In this example, the beef would effectively cost you ~$7.18 per pound of take-home meat.

You have the ability to choose the following processing options: all ground beef, all stew meat, or natural cut breakdown (mixture of ground, steaks, roasts, etc.).

The meat will be processed at Harmon Brothers Meats, a USDA-inspected processor, in Warsaw, KY.

Plan on approximately one cubic foot of freezer space for every 15-20 pounds of meat. The interior of a milk crate is slightly more than a cubic foot. For a 1/2 a beef, you will need ~9 cu ft. of freezer space.

Email with your order. Please include the quantity of beef desired (quarter/half/whole).

Please mail your deposit as soon as you place your order. If your deposit is not received within 10 days of placing your order, your order will be opened up to other customers.

A deposit is required at the time of ordering:

  • Quarter beef: $200
  • Half beef: $400
  • Whole beef: $600

Checks should be made out to Our Harvest Cooperative and mailed to:

Our Harvest Cooperative
215 E. 14th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

The remainder of the payment will be due upon pick-up.

Customers will be notified once the beef is ready for pick-up. Logistics for pick-up will be arranged via email.