The Weekly Harvest Box Program

The Weekly Harvest Box is a convenient way to bring fresh, local food to every meal your family enjoys. We have many convenient pick-up locations around Greater Cincinnati for you to choose from, and offer a small, medium and large box size to meet the needs of everyone from individuals to large families. Sign up now for a Weekly Harvest Box or download our paper application for more detailed information.



Small: $14/week (4 items)
Medium: $22/week (8 items)
Large: $30/week (12 items)

Please note: We are currently unable to accept American Express. 

It is not possible at this time to use your EBT card to pay for a Weekly Harvest Box. Click here to learn more!

More Perks with Our Harvest

  • Our user-friendly website allows you to make changes to your order and put your box on hold when you go out of town!

  • Weekly local product add-ons like eggs, jam, and cheese to tailor your box to your liking

  • Weekly payment options are available

  • No commitment is required

  • Weekly e-newsletter with farm updates, box contents, and recipes + extra recipe support via our Veggie Guide

Weekly Harvest Box Locations

Weekly Harvest Box Add-ons

We also offer other locally made food products, ranging from eggs to honey and beef to cheese. Click here to learn more about Weekly Harvest Box add-ons.

Our Web Store

The web store is a perfect place to make a la carte purchases of our locally produced offerings. Whether you're a Weekly Harvest Box member looking to grab a couple extra items here and there on a one-time basis, or you're new to Our Harvest and would like to sample some of our products before joining, the Web Store is a great place to purchase local food products, and have them delivered to one of our convenient pick-up locations around town.

*We currently do not accept American Express

*We currently do not accept American Express

Current Members

When you join the Weekly Harvest Box program, you are agreeing to certain policies and procedures that are essential to the success of any Community Supported Agriculture program. You can access the Membership Policies and Agreement here. Key sections include:

Payment Frequency & Schedule
Refund Policy

Missed Pick-ups
Outstanding Payments
Order Changes & Account Holds
Vacation Policy
Cancellation Policy

Forget to pick up your Weekly Harvest Box? Because we do not staff our pick-ups, we rely on each of our host locations to take care of forgotten items. Each location has their own way of handling forgotten items, depending on their capacity. This list outlines each site's forgotten-box policy. When in doubt, however, feel free to contact your pick-up location directly to see if your WHB is still available.

You can login to your account here: Manage My Weekly Harvest Box Account.

Our harvest box pickup location was right on my way home from work, making it a super convenient way to get a weekly dose of vegetables despite a busy schedule. I always enjoyed stopping in and seeing a friendly face on my pickup day!
— Gwen O., Weekly Harvest Box Member